Here are my collections of astronomical pictures. I will update them every once a while. My astrophotography albums on Astrobin and Flickr will be more frequently updated and will provide different viewing experiences. You are welcom to visit them.

Images of the Sky

Astro-landscapes and wide-field images of constellations and the Milky Way.

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Images of Deep-Sky Objects

Star clusters, nebulas, and galaxies.

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Raw Images

I publicly release all my deep-sky raw images that are more than one year old. They are released regularly at the beginning of each year. You are free to download the images and to use them to practice your image processing. There are limitations on how you can use your processed images based on my raw files. Check the documentation before you proceed.

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Other Resource


Advanced Wide-Field Astrophotography (in Chinese)
1st edition, 2006, ISBN 978-986-82859-0-3
2nd edition, 2013, ISBN 978-986-82869-1-0
3rd edition, 2019, ISBN 978-986-82859-2-7

Old Articles

Some of my old articles on random topics in astrophotography can be found here. You may not find most of them useful.