Random Notes* on Astrophotography


Exposure and Development (2003/10/14)

Unsharp Mask (2003/10/18)

Epson 4870 Photo Scanner (2004/07/03)

Flat Field for Film Images (2004/07/26)

Reciprocity Failure Caused by Long Exposure Time? (2004/09/03)

Flat Field for Film Images - A Cheating Method (2005/11/13)

What Is Drizzle?

Bayer Drizzle in DeepSkyStacker (2011/06/08)

DSLR vs. Cooled Monochromatic CCD (2014/01/11)

Does you DSLR need cooling? (2015/03/18)

How good do your DSLR darks need to be? (2015/08/13)


* notes = questions, or complaints, thoughts, articles....

** I'm not responsible for anything I wrote in this page (including taipos). The readers should have the ability to tell what to believe and what not to believe.