M 101

Technical Data

Takahashi TOA-150 refractor (D=150mm, F7.3) with 67 field flattener

  Camera modified Canon EOS 5DII
  Tracking Takahashi EM-400 mount, 7cm/F8 guide scope, QHY5 CCD camera autoguiding with PHD guiding
  • No filter: 8.5 hr total integration time
    (10 min * 36 + 5-min * 30, at ISO 800)
  • H alpha filter: 3 hr total integration time
    (10 min * 18, at ISO 1600)
  Time 2011/02/01,02,03, 2012/03/17
  Location Tataka, Yushan National Park, Taiwan (2011)
Mt. Ho-Huan, Taiwan (2012)

Images stacked in DeepSkyStacker and mosaicked with Registar. Final processing in Photoshop.

  Larger Images

high resolution (1.8 MB)
another version of region around M101

    There are many distant galaxies (small yellowish dots) visible in the high-resolution image.