SIMPLE Imaging and Mosaicking Pipeline

SIMPLE is an IDL based data reduction package for optical and near-IR blank-field imaging observations.  While it is currently optimized for the MOIRCS camera on Subaru and the WIRCAM camera on CFHT, its subroutines are written as generally as possible.  It should be fairly easy to modify current SIMPLE distributions to process data from other similar instruments. 

System Requirement  SIMPLE makes intensive uses of the IDL Astronomy Library and the SExtractor package.  Both should be installed first in order to run SIMPLE.  Of course, IDL is required.  The current version of SIMPLE has been tested on recent Solaris, Linux, and Mac OS X.  To run SIMPLE-MOIRCS, at least 2 GB of system RAM is required.  A 64-bit system (both OS and IDL) with minimum 3 GB of RAM is preferred, and is required for making large mosaics.  A fast CPU helps, but is less critical than the RAM.

Downloads and Documentations 

The Pipelines
User Manual
last update: 2008/08/28
last update: 2008/08/28
User Manual
last update: 2011/09/25
last update: 2011/09/25
SIMPLE Algorithm
update/bug-fix history (not ready yet)

Acknowledgment  When publishing data processed by SIMPLE, please refer to this webpage.

author:  Wei-Hao Wang (Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics)
bug report and feedback:  whwang at asiaa. sinica. edu. tw